Education and Cultural Preservation

The Noke need help in preserving their culture and passing it on to future generations. An effort must be made to protect their cultural heritage, natural medicines, language and songs, traditional agriculture and survival skills, and general wisdom – and also to help them regain some of the knowledge they have lost in recent decades as they’ve gained access to the outside world and faced threats to assimilate to this new modern society at their doorstep. We must support them in adapting to these modern challenges skillfully, while avoiding the dangers of alcohol, drugs and violence so prevalent outside their peaceful villages.

We are building an education center for this very purpose, which will offer courses on topics including nutrition, infant mortality prevention, prenatal care advice for pregnant mothers, general education and more. Candy and refined sugars have left their children exposed to early cavities and malnutrition; some children have also been exposed to the internet (including some of its more dangerous aspects). Contact with the outside world is becoming a part of their daily lives, and they benefit strongly from our guidance in this process. It is paramount that they know how to navigate these two clashing cosmovisions and make choices in their best interests.

Temple & Educational Center: The educational center will have a classroom equipped with a desk, a blackboard, a computer, a webcam, speakers, a small library, chairs, notebooks, pencils, and other school supplies.

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