A Bridge Between Worlds

While our work primarily benefits indigenous people of the Amazon, our impact stretches
far beyond the jungle. The Noke Koi people are protectors of ancient wisdom that truly has the power to change the consciousness of humanity and protect our planet. Part of our work at Kana Samurai Foundation is to facilitate this cultural exchange and share this wisdom with whomever is ready to heal their lives.

Our team is trusted with safeguarding their wisdom and healing practices with the utmost authenticity , integrity and respect. If you would like to know more contact:


We host retreats where people can have the opportunity to reclaim their own health and joy.
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By bringing delegations of caring and compassionate citizens to engage in direct
service on the ground and build relationships with the tribes, we are facilitating the
transfer of knowledge and spirit.

Our members then return to their homes (in the United
States, Chile, Argentina, and elsewhere) instilled with the wisdom of the jungle and its
people – and able to rippled out that wisdom into our families and communities.

Kana Samurai Foundation also engages in education and storytelling here at home, so that
the essence of Noke Koi and other indigenous wisdom traditions are accessible to the wider

With this awareness, we are able to approach and befriend our indigenous counterparts in
the jungle as equals, who each have something valuable to offer one another.