Housing and Infrastructure

Brief: We are currently looking at improving and maintaining the communal houses of three pajés or community spiritual leaders. As a consequence of weather changes and stronger
winds, some of their roofs were damaged and need to be replaced to keep these families warm at night.

We have already done extensive work in one of the villages and helped several others, but a lot more needs to be done in our main village of operation and extended to the other villages as well. This is not only for their wellbeing, but also to avoid creating a situation of inequality and privilege among the locals that could divide them or create resentment among the
different villages.

The Noke Koi are one people and tend to share everything. We must contribute in a way that honors and maintains this balance. Our help works best when extended to everybody in their

The community centers we built are very sturdy and will last for generations. They were built by master builders of the area, made of great quality wood, stain-painted for durability and maintenance, and elevated above the flood plain with a sound waterproof roof. The community kitchen is not just a room; it is a gathering place equipped with a professional stove, a fridge, a large freezer, countertop, storage room, a sink with running water, cookwear, and plates, silverware, glasses for shared community meals.