Hunger Relief and Food Security

Hunger Relief is essential. Infrastructure helps with sanitation and protection against the elements, but people (especially children and their mothers) need a steady flow of nutrition to develop and thrive. Every time we take a trip to the jungle, we deliver hundreds of pounds of food: beans, rice, fresh fruit, legumes, and nuts, along with hundreds of pounds of meat. We also provide egg-laying chickens, live fish they can raise in their ponds, pigs, and other livestock. In 2022, we donated meat for a feast for all the surrounding villages to enjoy a meal together and share and rejoice the new path of abundance coming their way.(a whole cow), among many other things. Access to protein is very important, since they are largely unable to hunt nowadays. Permaculture and other forms of small-scale agriculture is growing in popularity, but it is also quite difficult with so many natural pests in the jungle and lack of proper knowledge and technique. The tribe’s nutrition currently depends on us, since they cannot yet acquire the necessary calories by themselves. Their population is also growing. Every year, we are blessed to see a new baby or an expecting mother in the Noke Koi community. Hunger relief and food sustainability is therefore a top priority.

Project Zuri – Supporting Sustainable Indigenous Fisheries

Our core endeavor this season is Project Zuri – stocking 11 ponds (or “zuris”) with multiple species of fish who form a symbiotic relationship that produces a sustainable system to feed the Noke Koi people, whose natural food systems have been devastated by globalization, as highways built through their ancestral homeland have scared away the animals they have relied on hunting for millennia.

We have already done one pilot project stocking a pond in the Samauma village, which was both successful and educational. Under the leadership of the tribal Chief and local elders, we are now ready to scale this project up, stocking ponds throughout the Noke Koi homeland and educating our local brothers and sisters on how to maintain and steward these regenerative food systems.

Funds raised for Project Zuri will not only provide sustainable food systems for hundreds of people; it will support our ongoing work to build and strengthen shelters for elders, women and children in the Noke Koi villages, as well as a community education center.

Your support today will feed and shelter these wonderful human beings … and support Kana Samurai Foundation in taking our work to the next level.

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